Student Info

TENANCY: The tenancy agreement is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy or AST. It is a joint tenancy so you all sign the same tenancy agreement and will be jointly responsible. Tenancies usually begin on 1 August and finish at the end of July the following year unless stated. Students who want to stay for the following year are given the first option to rent the house provided that rent has been paid in full and they have fulfilled their tenant obligations.

DEPOSIT: The deposit is refundable at the end of the tenancy providing the house is left in the same condition it was in when you moved in, excluding fair wear and tear. We protect all deposits with the government approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme-  The scheme is approved by Unipol, Nottingham.


The first person/s moving in at the property will be met by one of the owners or their representative in order to carry out the following;
issue front door and room keys, allocated  on the first day of the tenancy
provide the code and  instructions for the house alarm and window alarms
check the Inventory(this takes approx 1 hour)
locate the electrical trip switch board and provide information about how to read  meters
hand over the House File
Please let me know as soon as possible when you intend to move in, I will need at least 48 hours notice to arrange to meet you at the property. Once someone has moved in permanently I will leave all of the keys at the property and you can liaise with that person to collect keys. Once everyone has moved in I will arrange a meeting to meet all of you and ensure everyone has all of the information that they need.

INVENTORY: A full Inventory is provided and will be checked with the first person/s entering the house, they will be responsible for signing on behalf of the household. The Inventory details all of the items provided and the standard of cleanliness and paintwork, photographs are also taken. There will be no items left by previous students.

TV + FREE SAT: A 37” TV and FREE SAT will be provided in each Lenton and West Bridgford House,  Free Sat features 150 channels. You pay for the television licence. A TV is provided in each West Bridgford Apartment.

HOUSE INFORMATION: A house file will be provided at each house with details about everything you need to know about living there; this includes utility meter location, utility suppliers, appliance instructions, electrical trip switches, gas and electrical certificates etc.

METER READINGS(bills not included): You are responsible for reading the meters on the first and last day of your tenancy and contacting the utility companies.

BROADBAND: Most students in Lenton and West Bridgford Houses sign up with Virgin Media where a rental fee is applicable.

CAR PARKING:Lenton Houses- 2 parking permits per house and 1 visitors permit are allocated by Nottingham City Council, there is a fee for the permit. Apply via West Bridgford Apartments and Houses- dedicated car parking space excluding 5 Balmoral Avenue where a Residents Parking Permit is required-apply to Rushcliffe Borough Council. 24 North has off street parking and you don’t require a parking permit.

PHOTOS POSTERS AND PICTURES: Pictures and canvases must be hung with a picture pin that can normally be removed easily and leave a tiny hole. Posters can be hung up with a poster holder that is held up with a picture pin, they are available from Amazon or Photos can be displayed on the large display boards provided or in photos frames or clipper frames. Blu and white Tack should not be used on the wall or any other surface as it peels away the paint on walls or the varnish on furniture and leaves a reisdue that has to be removed before painting. Sellotape also peels away the paint, Drawing pins, straight pins and tacks break the surface of the paint when removed.