Student Exit

EXIT INVENTORY This involves a meeting between alexander cameron properties and the student/s at the end of the tenancy to check the inventory and the condition of the property; this usually takes 1 hour. We will agree a meeting time, if the house is not ready to be vacated and another meeting is required there will be a cost of for an additional visit. It is usual that students leave at different times and therefore this meeting often occurs with one or two students that are left. Where this occurs the students that have already left have given responsibility for the inventory check to the last person/s at the meeting. It is preferable that all students attend the exit inventory at the end of the tenancy.

The property will be checked against the signed inventory, and if any deductions need to be made from the deposit in order to return the property to the standard that it was at the beginning of the tenancy, (excluding fair wear and tear), then you will be informed of the amount required. If the student is in agreement then the rest of the deposit is returned to all students with deductions itemised in writing. If the student does not agree with the deductions then the Lead Tenant on the deposit certificate is responsible for contacting the company that protects the deposit ( ) and completing the relevant paperwork to resolve the issue over the amount that has been deducted, the rest of the deposit is returned to the students.

Where repair work or cleaning is necessary to return the property to a habitable condition a cleaner or contractor will be employed. There is a charge for the provision of cleaners/cleaning materials/skip/repair work/painter/replacement parts etc. It is not unusual for student/s to seriously underestimate the cost of a cleaning. Employing contractors/cleaners who have travel expenses, require parking permits and have VAT costs will be a lot higher than carrying out these tasks yourself. Deductions for individual rooms will be made from each individual. Deductions for communal areas are split between all students and are deducted from ALL deposits as the tenancy agreement is a Joint Tenancy Agreement with joint responsibility.

Where the deposit does not cover the cost of cleaning/repairs etc the tenants are liable for additional costs. Where properties are left in a condition that requires management of all cleaners and tradesmen a management fee is built into the cost. Students will receive an itemised bill. Final bills need to be paid before deposits are returned. Bank details need to be provided at the end of the tenancy in order that deposits can be returned

KEYS Room keys need to be left in the door lock with the front door key attached or in a secure place with the last person to leave.. All other keys to be left in their original place.

UTILITY BILLS-if not included. All students are responsible for the utility bills. Final meter readings are required in order to obtain a final bill. Meters should be read on the last day of the tenancy agreement (and not the last day that you leave) and the readings forwarded to the utility companies- gas, electricity and water. Where students are not available on the last day I will read the meters and forward the readings to the student responsible. Final bills should be sent to a forwarding address of the student responsible. All bills should be paid on time and confirmation emailed to Jackie Cameron. Deposits are returned once all bills are paid. If they are not fully paid the utility provider passes on the debt to a debt collection company who then applies for a Magistrates Notice or Warrant to enter the premises and fit payment meters. Where we have to deal with Debt collection companies and utility providers to resolve outstanding issues due to bills not being paid, a charge or deduction from deposits will be made. Other bills such as Virgin media, Sky, TV Licence should also be settled at the end of the tenancy. Ask for the final bill to be sent to your forwarding address. Mail will not be forwarded unless by prior arrangement.

ADDITIONAL COSTS  An additional cost will be incurred if we have to deal with any of the following; Rent arrears-telephone calls, emails, issuing letters, cost of recorded delivery letters. Statutory Enforcement Notices – refuse, noise. Dealing with unpaid bills and debt collection agencies.

FAIR WEAR AND TEAR Some examples include-Scuff marks to walls as a consequence of living at the property, generally found in the communal areas- hall stairs landing lounge kitchen shower rooms. Key marks around doors. General wearing of fabric to sofa due to normal use. General wearing away of paint to banister, around light switches, door handles.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS ALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS MUST BE REMOVED. Items should not be left for future tenants; this includes lamps, additional furniture, crockery, pans, cutlery, heaters, cushions, mirrors etc. Most tenants purchase their own belongings and if every tenant leaves something the house becomes cluttered. ALL ITEMS LEFT WILL BE REMOVED AND WILL INCUR A CLEARANCE COST.

FURNITURE  ALL FURNITURE SHOULD BE LEFT IN THE ORIGINAL POSITION AS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TENANCY, IF NOT THERE WILL BE A COST TO MOVE IT BACK. If an item has been damaged there will be a replacement/repair cost, for example if wardrobes have been moved and stabilizers are damaged, when beds have been moved and bolts have been loosened the bed becomes unstable and needs fixing.

RUBBISH  Rubbish left at the side of the bin is generally not removed by the refuse collectors. The correct refuse should be in the correct bin(Domestic refuse and recycling, do not mix up the refuse) If you have excess rubbish and want to dispose of personal belongings there are refuse collection and recycling points as follows;

LENTON-situated on the ring road- Redfield Road, Lenton Industrial Estate, (near the Showcase Cinema), NG7 2UJ.

WEST BRIDGFORD-Rugby Road West Bridgford, NG2 7HX


I have provided the following information to help you understand the level of cleaning that takes place before a student enters a property. This cleaning was carried out before you entered your house so it needs to be carried out for the next students move in.

Bedroom-Cleaning a bedroom can cost about £60-80 and moving furniture back to the appropriate room/place can cost a further £30-40.

Bathroom-Not cleaning the toilet/shower/sink can cost approx. £70-£130 for the time it can take professional cleaners to clean them properly. Clean all the parts you may have forgotten during your tenancy including shower heads, tile grouting, flooring, taps, toilet base and under the seat.

Fridge freezer-needs fully defrosting before you leave. This is a time consuming job for cleaners and could involve 2 visits to the house increasing the cost from anything up to £80 per freezer for this one job.

Oven and Grill-Clean the appliance inside and out as it may have had a year of grease build up and can take a lot of time to clean. Where the oven is left unclean a professional oven cleaning company will be appointed to clean the oven, trays, door, hob and extractor fan the cost can be up to £120.

Waste Disposal-To remove rubbish left inside and outside of the property can cost a minimum of £70, commercial tipping fees may added.

Damage If there has been any damage to a wall it is probably best to leave the damage/hole and the painter will fix the damage quickly and effectively. Often students do not have the appropriate materials and the wall still has to be repaired. Minimum cost to repair damage to the wall is approximately £40.

Fire Blankets and Smoke Alarms Where these have been tampered with cost of replacement and/or servicing will be deducted.

Painting Certain parts of the property are painted each year, usually the communal areas. However where there is excessive marking beyond normal daily living then a charge for painting may be deducted. For example, where there has been a party and liquids have been splashed over the walls or ceilings, a coat of paint may not be sufficient to cover the marks, where there has been pen or drawings on the wall or doors the cost for additional painting or removal of ink will be deducted.

Click the link below and use the Checklist to make sure your house is ready for the next group of students.

House Exit Checklist